How to make website step by step guide?

Choose Domain Name for Your Website (Company)

For example:  Is it available?  You can check for site name availability at  If .com is taken, then try another TLD like .in, .org,, .net,

Laying out your Website

Decide your Menu links, what sequence they should be in. For ex. Services, About, Products Contact.

Look and Feel of your Website

Decide your website look and feel. Keep in mind type of your business. Look at the websites that you like, and see what background color (or image) they use, colors for the menu links. Also look various layouts of website.

Choosing Photos and Images for your Website

If your site is a business website for a product or a service, you need to choose images that are related to your business and products. Also search for royalty free images in Google.

Choose your fonts carefully

There are millions of fonts, but not all of them are web friendly. Use most common fonts. If you like fancy fonts then you can try it. But keep in mind type of your business.

Writing content for your Website

Do not copy content from other websites. Keep content short 2 or 3 paragraphs, visitors don’t like reading many paragraphs. Pick the right images for your content as it will make your website more pleasant to read. Most important write content that relate to your products or services.

Finding the Right Website Designer

Always look out the web designer’s portfolio. If you are starting new business then you can try affordable website design plans.

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